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Click on the link below to see a family experience a recent stay with ‘The Rolling Downs’…


The wind turbine is working overtime!!!

Due to the combination of sun and wind the wind turbine and solar panel are prooving to be a combined success.

A family’s adventure at the weekend

The sun shone, the children played, the birds sang. We spotted horses cantering past the hut, buzzards soaring in the sky, rabbits frolicking, songbirds tweeting, pheasants calling, a mass of daffodils and hidden primroses. We ate outside, danced round the fire, swung from the trees, hunted bugs with torches and fell in to our cosy beds. We woke to a pink sunrise, birds singing and absolute calm. We had cups of tea in bed looking over the fields and read ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Breakfast was in pyjamas and welly boots. On our way home we found a ploughing match in a nearby field; a field of vintage tractors which sent our daughters into a final frenzy of excitement. A wonderful, memorable night under the clear Sussex skies and bright stars.

The wind turbine and solar panel have been re-erected for the forthcoming season!

Perfect weather

The wind turbine and solar panel which had been taken down during the winter gales has now been re-erected and what a beautiful day! It took four strong men with some determination but the gentle breeze and sunshine made it all worthwhile.